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arne anka openmoko at
Sat Jul 26 18:05:21 CEST 2008

> to get involved in the discussion of top-posting, and I was actually

too late.

> shocked to see someone actually advocating top-posting.

too easy shocked, oviously.

>  I have NEVER
> seen top-posting recommended.

that's no matter of recommendation (actually a lot of list admins consider  
the kind of reply-to the openmoko lusts do, evil and recommedn not to do  
so -- i was nerver able to follow their reasoning).

> TOP-POSTED [REPLIED ABOVE THE QUOTATION] for the benefit of Arne and
> those minds which somehow prefer this method, and who apparently have
> not found a nicely threaded free email reader like  I'd send

it might come as a shock to you that i in fact have a nicely threaded mail  
reader -- and i am still in favour of top posting under certain  
circumstances. if you ever had read my reasoning you would maybe had  
understand that it was no matter of threading and mail reader.
the lis is full of weird and almost unreadably bottom postings with a very  
long streak of replied mails and one single new line several pages down ...

> you an invite to Gmail, but you just don't need them anymore.

the day i trust google with anything slighly looking as personal data i am  
ready to go to the funny farm.

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