GPS success: updated default software stack with no antenna

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Sat Jul 26 21:41:24 CEST 2008

> Am Do  24. Juli 2008 schrieb Jay Vaughan:
>>> Successfully tracked and mapped my daily commute!
>> Me too, daily, twice a day since Monday ..
>> Wooohoooooo!!!
> Finally!

yeah, finally indeed .. alas the neo1973 does a better job, every  
single time, than the freerunner .. i have tangogps set up on both, to  
the max (17) zoom-in level because i like to watch the streets scroll  
by, and with the neo1973 its always smooth and accurate, but with the  
freerunner, during map-tile changes requiring new rendering, my GPS  
accuracy is whack!  terrible!  apparently, sometimes, i manage to  
cross to the *other side of vienna* whenever i edge closer to the side  
of the screen and tangogps has to auto-center (reload new tiles, hint,  
from the *SD*) to keep up with my driving.

still, its better than nothing.  as long as i don't zoom in too much,  
GPS on Freerunner is usable.

Jay Vaughan

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