strange problem with Intenso 4GB SDHC card

Andy Green andy at
Sun Jul 27 09:31:49 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andrew Burgess said (on the OLPC bug tracker):
| "...For me the SD card corruption is 100% fixed now. I run a swap to the
| first sd card partition and I could guarantee partition wipe by turning
| off power or shutting down with swap on. I could work around it 100% by
| running swapoff before power down. I never enabled suspend. Now
| everything works. It suspends and resumes at will with swap running.
| Shutdown or mash the power button, partition table is fine..."

What is the swap situation on the image you are running?  I noticed
Debian was doing something about it on initscripts, but I didn't notice
before that we run swap on ASU?

If as I believe this is very sensitive to a race, then not syncing swap
can change the behaviour miles away from the swap itself and change the
symptom, as could a bunch of other stuff.

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