ready to flash

Scott Derrick scott at
Sun Jul 27 23:52:43 CEST 2008

Been playing with my FR for a couple days now.

I'm using an AT&T Pay as you Go Sim, and it appears to work fine. Though
if I go into an area of no coverage, which are plentiful in western New
Mexico the top bar says "Registering", the GSM status dialog either says
"No Service" or "Invalid Registration"?  Once I move back in coverage it
eventually reconnects and says AT&T in the upper left. The GSM icon in
the upper left must update really slowly cause it lies a lot about the
signal strength.

Couple questions.

1.) I would like to back up my existing kernel & file system.  Seems
some are having a problem using dif-util.  Is this isolated or
everybody? Has any body used partimage and successfully backed up and

2.) Trying to decide which distro to use is really really hard!  Does
ASU have everything Qtopia has?  Is ASU always as broken as the list
makes it sound?  Which has the best qwerty keyboard that is finger
friendly? What is scardy-cat?

thanks,  Scott

Oh, everybody I call says there is an echo on my voice and they can here
 themselves. I've heard numerous mentions of this problem.  Has anybody
come up with an audio configuration that doesn't do this?

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