Howto compile more kernel modules with MokoMakefile?

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Mon Jul 28 15:29:31 CEST 2008

>> You can't use other Gadget devices currently, because Gadget-Ethernet
>> is compiled into the kernel (not as a module) and this precludes any
>> other gadget drivers from loading.  As I am currently working on
>> Gadget Audio for the Freerunner, I too would like to see this
>> situation resolved properly at the distribution level.
> That's frustrating. I had imagined the gadget functions could  
> coexist so we
> could provide both network and storage.

It sure is frustrating, and imho is a bit of an oversight on the part  
of whoever-it-is that is responsible for making command decisions  
about the configuration of the OpenMoko distro.  Personally I think  
for sure we need to pile on as many g_* drivers as possible, and that  
means reconfiguring the current distros to make g_ethernet a module,  
not compiled -in ..

Jay Vaughan

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