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> "...If we follow the second path, we'll fail at a fundamental
> mission, which is opening the infrastructure itself. To do that we
> need to create open phones that are damned good at being
> Net-generation radios and televisions, as well as recording and
> producing devices. We also need to work at making clear how much more
> business the carriers and phone makers will find in a world of
> generative devices, rather than locked-down ones — a world where
> anything is possible, rather than one where legacy monopolies get
> leveraged for the duration."

This is why I spent $400 on a Neo FreeRunner instead of $300 on an
iPhone. I value my freedom, and if I'm going to be locked down to a
carrier under a contract, I'm going to make sure I make maximum use of
what I can get under that contract.

A good friend of mine has the iPhone... he's into Free software but
just didn't want to deal with an unstable platform.  Every now and
then, I can do something cool on the Moko that he can't on the iPhone
because Apple has their SDK locked down so tight.  It's those moments
that I really realize it's worth it.

Also, there's no comparison between TangoGPS and the GPS software that
ships with the iPhone.  TangoGPS absolutely beats Apple's offering in
every possible way.


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