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Joachim Steiger roh at
Mon Jul 28 16:22:37 CEST 2008

ian douglas wrote:
> Michael,
> Can you alter the mailing list so the list's address is set as the
> default Reply-To value like the community list?

please not.

> Simply hitting Reply (instead of Reply-to-All) seems to send replies to
> the authors of the posts.

thats how it needs to be. thats what your reply-to-all button is for.

> Might as well keep things uniform in that regard.

it mostly is:
all lists besides community@, which is the only list which is
_misconfigured on purpose_ (due to the much higher ratio of 'beginners'.

and no, i will not start this senseless discussion again.
there is a reason you do not get a direct mail as well now:
reply to breaks that i have 3 nice different reply buttons here on my
mailclient: reply, reply list, reply all.

so if you really want that i do not read your mails on that lists
anymore, please continue with that nonsense.

read up if you haven't.
please especially take care to read the sections 'It Makes Things Break'
and 'Coddling the Brain-Dead, Penalizing the Conscientious'

the result is _more_ work for people who try to help, not less. (need to
copy paste around mailaddresses manual).

but read yourself... perfectly good example this list.. just search the
archives... we also have quite some occurrences of mails which got sent
to the list by accident, because of this breakage.

but i will stop now. read yourself. its really nicely described.

ps: ever asked yourself why so much crud which seems just commentary
from user to user ends up on the list?


Joachim Steiger
Openmoko Central Services

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