Reply above Quotation

arne anka openmoko at
Mon Jul 28 16:42:39 CEST 2008

> using examples of obviously bad quoting to advocat TOFU seems strange

those "examples of obviously bad quoting" are a great majority of mails.
it so happens that i am tired of scrolling down endless mails is imple  
skip them totally ...
i've said it already, but you did obviously not care to read my reasoning  
instead crusading for an abstract rule of social life.

> to me. i don't know what is worse in this case. the dicease or (your)
> "cure".

the whole discussion is rather pointless because
- the missionaries of bottom postings usually are not interested in  
reality but in some kind of educating the public, that's at least my  
experience (and the argumenta ad personam are proof of it).
- a lot of writers of this list do not read faqs or archives and thus are  
not concerned by such debates. the only hope is common sense, not tofu vs  

if you had read my mail you should have understood that my concern was  
readability, not some abstract principle.

since i made my point long ago i will not answer any mail regarding this  
it's nothing but noise without any use.

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