trying to buy a freerunner in taipei?

jollen jollen at
Mon Jul 28 17:31:32 CEST 2008

tony wrote:
> We (at least I do) understand that infrastructure is an issue. 
> But isnt staffing an issue? 
> If you want to have the best and most open-source oriented software developers
> in taipei, and the website says you do, then I would imagine that making
> freerunners available to the public IN TAIPEI would be a priority. 
This is a priority.
I said the same words when I start my eastern marketing job for openmoko 
last year.
I've proposed setting up sales counter in OUR office, but our sales 
didn't make it.
Thanks for your opinion, from our community.

> Anyways....I'm not trying to piss anyone off.  
> Just trying to find a way, as a member of the community, to considerately let
> the OpenMoko staff understand how the community feels. 
The infrastructure is an issue. It stops us making freerunners available 
to the public in Taipei.
I, doing marketing here, need to face the infrastructure issue too. For 
example, I can't sell phone here to individuals directly, can't ship
phone to China, can't do orders with payment and et cetera.

Anyway, please understand us.  And let me try to push sales making this 
> Before anyone flames me, I just want them to consider that they chose to
> subscribe to this list and chose to read this message... 
> *tony does a humble bow*  
thanks , we'll try to get it.

Regards and happy hacking,


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