USB connector not Mini-AB?

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> On Monday 28 July 2008, Andy Green wrote:
> >
> > It does not mention mini-AB there, it only mentions micro-AB, so now I
> > know even less than I did when I started :-)
> Looks like mini-ab and mini-a were deprecated over a year ago in favour of
> the
> micro varieties. I've never seen a micro-usb connector!
> Here is a picture comparing mini USB (looks like the USB-B variety) on the
left and the new micro-USB (a, b, or ab?)on the right.

What is micro-USB?

Some articles on mobile phone manufacturers switching:,1000000085,39289524,00.htm



Manufacturers of micro-USB connectors:

Any information on when the Freerunner will make the switch to micro-USB?
The deprecation announcement above makes this seems imminent.

Are there any peripherals (keyboards, etc.) for mobile devices that use

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