WIKI still a POS

Sean Moss-Pultz sean at
Mon Jul 28 20:31:23 CEST 2008

On 7/28/08 Scott Derrick wrote:
> I agree there have been some improvements.
> But the main page is still really broken!  I would love to see this
> project succeed beyond the usual "Only for Geeks" Linix/OS  project.
> They way it is now the state of the documentation for a normal user 
> is a
> guarantees it is doomed to be a very very small niche product at best.
> Every time I go to the wiki for new info it is a painful  and
> frustrating process. Yes if I am going to reread something I already
> know is there its not bad, but ferreting out new information is not 
> easy.

Please give us a bit more time. We're having lots and LOTS of internal 
discussions on how to make our Wiki better. We know the quality is not 
what we all want.

Brenda (and crew) will be talking with everyone a lot more in the coming 
weeks of our plans to get/integrate your feedback.

I'm 100% confident we can get there.


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