opkg upgrade freezes my FR

Michel michel at xternal.nl
Mon Jul 28 21:31:18 CEST 2008


First, nice to have an openmoko Freerunner in my hands (for a few weeks 
now) trying out some things. Thing is, I wanted to test the latest 
updates to work with the GPS and SD card.

After an "opkg upgrade" my phone reboots and stays in the openmoko 
splash screen. Booting with power+aux and booting I get an "Bad magic 
number" message. Booting with aux+power (NOR) I can't boot because 
something is missing (sorry, my phone is working now and I forgot the 
message, but let's say it didn;t boot :) ).

I flashed the FR with dfu-util to 
"Openmoko-Freerunner-20080424-om-gta02.rootfsjffs2" and 
"uImage-2.6.24+git20080424-om-gta02.bin" and it works again. Doing 
another "opkg update" + "opkg upgrade" again restults in my phone 
staying at the openmoko splash screen and I had to flash it again.

Is there another way of upgrading or is something wrong with the kernel 
package at the moment? Should I be trying another FR image for the 
corrected GPS?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Thnx in advance,

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