GSM external antenna adapter(again!)

Scott Derrick scott at
Mon Jul 28 21:42:47 CEST 2008

This is the third time I've posted a request for this!  Doesn't anybody
at OpenMoko know the answer?

I'm trying to find the specification for the gsm(not the gps!) external
antenna adapter.

I know the connector on the board is the same as used on the Motorola
Razr. I should say its visually the same.  But in the FR you reach the
socket via a deep well in the "internal" rear case. The plug has to
reach almost 1/4 of an inch through a hole after removing the external
rear case..

I searched on the Wilson adapter list which doesn't have a listing for
the OpenMoko.  Wilson's is the most complete cell phone external adapter
list I know of.

this looks like it "might" reach.

Has anybody successfully connected to the gsm antenna connector, without
completely disassembling the phone?

Does OpenMoko have a connector recommendation?  It would  be in the
spirit of Open source to publish that specification I would think.


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