[openmoko-announce] Openmoko on Design

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Mon Jul 28 22:31:55 CEST 2008

> Sorry to hear it doesn't work for you. But like I said, we each have  
> our
> own ways of understanding and making meanings.
> You are free to create your own meanings.

I just can't see how you honestly believe all this panty-waiste  
dilettante waffling about "not having a design because its up to the  
open community" is going to drive things forward.  Are you, or are you  
not, committed to delivering a working phone platform that *users* and  
developers alike are going to be interested in?  Then: some standards  
need to be put forth, and they need to be adhered to.

Because at this point, it seems to me that you've just pissed in the  
koolaid.  Basically, you're just selling incomplete, mediocre hardware  
in order to cash in on the "Open Community" meme, or what?

Please, for all that is merciful and mighty, *get a design* for the  
current systems done, and make sure your team of superlative wizards  
adhere to that design.  Provide, at the very least, a reference  
platform for your daily bread.  Lead this community, don't just throw  
its fates to the winds of its own desire; that is *doom* for all who  
have invested so far in the hopes that the platform grows sufficiently  
to make the not insignificant effort to play along, worthwhile.

Jay Vaughan

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