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Jay Vaughan wrote:

> Because at this point, it seems to me that you've just pissed in the  
> koolaid.  Basically, you're just selling incomplete, mediocre hardware  
> in order to cash in on the "Open Community" meme, or what?

Hi Jay. First person that installed Linux 1.0 was installing a very
usable system where all the periferical was full running? Linus Torvalds
was receiving every day a lot of email where people was telling that
their new IPod was not running?

Openmoko is trying to do what can: is trying to build a phone. It is
trying to build a running open hardware: It will not be perfect but it
will be open. You will know all the defect and compromise token to get
it. Then is your choose. And don't tell to me that OM hardware is broken
because you know it, while other firm's hardware that keep all closed,
are prerfect because you don't know about defects?

> Please, for all that is merciful and mighty, *get a design* for the  
> current systems done, and make sure your team of superlative wizards  
> adhere to that design.  Provide, at the very least, a reference  
> platform for your daily bread.  Lead this community, don't just throw  
> its fates to the winds of its own desire;

The problem is if the community need to be lead or if want the food ready.
When in every day I read a lot of email: This is not running, this is
bad, why to use this toolkit, why it must be so.
In this situation there is no way to drive a community. We must to stop
and to think on ourself. What we did on our phone?

I remmeber when there was the GPS/SD problem, how a lot of person
outside OM and inside OM started to work togheter and WE did a miracle.

OM "alone" couldn't be able to solve the issue, but togheter we did what
was impossible. There is still a lot of work to do. There is the need of
very talented developer, passioned people to make this project possible.

There is a Wiki, that need a lot of work, may be of a complete
restruction, there is the need to understands why umts cards doesn't
run, how to have SMS working, etc.

I am sure outside, in these ML there are a lot of very talented people,
people that can make the difference. We need them, not people that
reming we produce a mediocre hardware and incomplete software.

Freedom is hard to get

> that is *doom* for all who  
> have invested so far in the hopes that the platform grows sufficiently  
> to make the not insignificant effort to play along, worthwhile.

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