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Jay Vaughan wrote:
> It is *important* that such things as a usable GUI, which  
> looks nice, are presented very, very rapidly - there is no other way  
> for our projects to snowball than to attract the interest of those who  
> will use the hardware.  So far, nobody is enjoying the usability  
> experience, terribly much, and this is because of this attitude that  
> 'the community will fix it'.

I give you reason. A gui, a wiki are the first things that a user see.

I think a very nice gui, can convince a lot of people to buy a phone in
place of another. Wiki is the first place where a person go searching
for info.

The problem is that to did this has a cost. And big too. An artist cost
a lot and I prefer OM use his resources to take a kernel developer or an
hardware enginer.

This don't mean that OM don't need of skilled graphician and people that
can help Brenda to take care of the wiki.

> Sorry, its one thing to fixup the GPS/SD issue (which is still  
> borked), its another thing entirely to sit down before you commit any  
> further silicon and say "this doesn't work, it is not to our  
> specificaiton, we need to /design/ it better".  Glamo, SD, GPS.  Three  
> things we really do *not* want to talk too loudly about, if we want to  
> continue to attract developers.. and I am fairly convinced that it is  
> the lackadaisical attitude to the qualities of the hardware, which  
> would ordinarily be addressed through a *strong* design ethos, which  
> brought this situation about.

I don't think it was a "we don't care". Error can happen. With lucky
some were possible to be solve.
In the future they will learn by their experience, and we finally we
will have from Linux 1.0 a Ubuntu 8.04 / Fedora 9 with Gnome / Compiz /
KDE4 :)

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