WIKI still a POS

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Then start helping out with the wiki editing and stop complaining. 

For a bunch of OpenSource Fans I sure hear a lot of bitching and less

P a r t I c I p a t e

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I agree there have been some improvements.

But the main page is still really broken!  I would love to see this
project succeed beyond the usual "Only for Geeks" Linix/OS  project.

They way it is now the state of the documentation for a normal user is a
guarantees it is doomed to be a very very small niche product at best.

Every time I go to the wiki for new info it is a painful  and
frustrating process. Yes if I am going to reread something I already
know is there its not bad, but ferreting out new information is not


Vinc Duran wrote:
> You should know it's improved significantly over the last couple
> weeks. To me it seems the Getting Started page in particular has been
> much improved. (That's where I've spent most of my time.)
> On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 7:11 AM, Scott <scott at> wrote:
>> The OM Wiki is still a prime example of 'How not to do a Wiki".
>> a few easy example on the main page.
>> 1.) On the main page is a link for "Test cases", Why is this on the
>> page?  Its useless to 90% of the users and should be under
>> 2.) There is a "Software" link that leads you the "Developer
Guide"???  WTF?
>> 3.) There is a "Hardware link" and the 1973 & FR links. Why?  Both
the 1973
>> & Fr pages have their respective hardware links on their pages. Its a
>> classic misdirection.
>> It looks like Openmoko wants the Neo to fail, because if the main
source for
>> information on how to operate the phone is this WIki, its doomed.
>> Isn't there supposed to be some new "Wiki Editor" force around that
>> going to fix things?
>> Scott
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