Trolltech/Nokia and QTopia on FR (and qtopia desktop) questions (to Lorn I guess ;-))

Yaroslav Halchenko at
Tue Jul 29 04:40:40 CEST 2008

Questions are pretty much to Lorn,

I thought to give qtopia another try on my FR but immediately thought
that it would be great to have qtopia desktop to sync things up, but
iirc it was removed from the website download due to clarification of
licensing. Do you have an idea if it would be made available again to
public any time soon?

another question (sorry if I missed answer in some of the threads) -- I
wonder if you are the only person dedicated by Trolltech (or Nokia) to
work on qtopia for openmoko? It is just interesting ;-) also it would be
great if you could summarize in few words (if you feel like it) what are
the future directions you and your team are going to accomplish for
qtopia on FR? would be there a 'long term support' of any kind for
qtopia on FR?

Thank you in advance for the clarifications!

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