[openmoko-announce] Openmoko on Design

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Tue Jul 29 08:20:02 CEST 2008

> If you need a benevolent dictator to lead, why not become one  
> yourself?

Because there is one already, he just doesn't have any power to make  
smart design decisions because of some new-age hippy-dippy faff.

> If you need standards why not make them? This is not a responsibility
> of the Openmoko team. They already gave us the damn thing to build it
> all on. This really is the job of the community. Stop whining and  
> start
> doing the job yourself if you want it done. It's no one else's
> responsibility.

I am: building apps (a game, a time tool, a music system), and:  
working on developer tutorials to help my fellows also build apps they  
are interested in.  Stay tuned.

Jay Vaughan

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