Openmoko on Design

Charles-Henri Gros charles-henri.gros+openmoko at
Tue Jul 29 08:48:35 CEST 2008

Lisa wrote:
> ~   Folks,
> ~     I don't need a major design statement for my phone...I just want 
> a  (mostly) working phone. There is a point where "taking one more thing 
> away" doesn't make it simpler any longer, it makes it hard to figure 
> out/work on. Not having a terminal in ASU ( the general style of which I 
> like) and taking the manual keyboard switch out of ASU (which actually 
> WORKS as opposed to the automatic pop up which doesn't) were bad ideas , 
> at least for as long as this thing is going to be in pre-release. I 
> could understand it in a general release, but the people who have it now 
> are EXACTLY the kind of people who would whip it out and noodle around 
> with the terminal during lunch break if they could. I know I 
> would......or if you HAVE to leave them out could someone post easy to 
> follow directions to replace them in the wiki somewhere?? For those of 
> us not gifted with totally amazing programming skills?

You mean like this?


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