suspend and immediate wake-up

Al Johnson openmoko at
Tue Jul 29 09:23:54 CEST 2008

On Monday 28 July 2008, arne anka wrote:
> > I have the same issue (not always but sometimes),.. and this comes
> > probably not from GSM network messages...
> > Because it happens over and over again (once this issue happens).
> i've gotten the impression that the acceleration sensors play an
> importanmt role.
> it simply happens too often that i take the fr in my hands and it wakes up
> -- too often at least to be purely conicidential.

cat /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-resume.0/resume_reason

With a recent kernel and uboot this should tell you which device woke it up by 
sticking a * next to the interrupt that did it, and another to provide more 
detail if it was the PMU that did it.

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