suspend and immediate wake-up

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Monday 28 July 2008, arne anka wrote:
|>> I have the same issue (not always but sometimes),.. and this comes
|>> probably not from GSM network messages...
|>> Because it happens over and over again (once this issue happens).
|> i've gotten the impression that the acceleration sensors play an
|> importanmt role.
|> it simply happens too often that i take the fr in my hands and it
wakes up
|> -- too often at least to be purely conicidential.
| cat /sys/devices/platform/neo1973-resume.0/resume_reason
| With a recent kernel and uboot this should tell you which device woke
it up by
| sticking a * next to the interrupt that did it, and another to provide
| detail if it was the PMU that did it.

Right.  The Motion sensors can be a wake source, but we neither enable
it right now nor set them up in threshold mode so we get an interrupt if
they experienced something big.

It's likely just the GSM traffic stuff.

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