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Most of these instructions i have pulled off the wiki or from other e-mails,
Do not hold me responsible if you brick your Freerunner while following

Here is what has worked for me so far
First you want to get the newest ASU rootfs from


The newest ASU rootfs for now is


After you have downloaded that you will want to go to


Following the instructions on the page download the dfu-util to the same
directory as the rootfs.jffs2


Now you will need to power down your Freerunner and power it into the NOR
uBoot menu for flashing.
(in short: press and hold aux then power)
When the menu has come up attach the Freerunner to your host linux system
via USB.
*note* uBoot menu will not stay on for long, unless you scroll using the aux

Now open a terminal on the host linux system, go to the directory of your
dfu-util and rootfs.jffs2,and run the command:
*note* changing the name of the rootfs.jffs2 to whatever you downloaded

./dfu-util -a rootfs -R -D

Let dfu-util run its magic, then you should be able to boot into the ASU.


Now if you installed the 200807022 ASU you will notice some problems, mainly
that there is no keyboard!
What you will need to do now is to opkg update and upgrade.

Assuming your host linux system has internet you will want to follow the
instructions in


On the host linux system commands

ifconfig usb0
ssh root at

should allow you to connect to the phone.


If you do not know how to use the vi editor on the Freerunner you may not be
able to do this next part....
Also read the notes before updating your .conf files

Once you have your phone connected to the internet you will want to change
your opkg feeds. Manually you can just goto /etc/opkg and use vi *.conf, or
you can download updated .confs from


On the phone just "cd /etc" and type "wget
http://www.mikeasoft.com/~mike/opkg-asu.tar.gz" followed by "tar xzf
opkg-asu*" This will extract the *.conf files to /etc/opkg. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE1* If you change the neo1973-feed.conf to
http://downloads.openmoko.org/openmoko-repository/ASU/neo1973, opkg will
download a kernel for the neo1973 onto your freerunner, while it wont stop
the phone from working it may stop the phone from having sound.
*IMPORTANT NOTE2* The newest e-wm and illume packages do not seem to work,
opkg upgrade may stop you from being able to boot into the ASU, tho you can
still connect to it with ssh. For now i would recommend pointing
/etc/opkg/armv4t.conf to http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily-feed/armv4t and
rerun opkg update before running opkg upgrade.
*IMPORTANT NOTE3* opkg install
does not seem to flash the kernel correctly and will cause the system to
hang right as you power up your phone. you will need to reflash your kernel
in order to be able to boot again.


To get a keyboard working, and hopefully not kill your phone, try installing
the above *.conf files, but before running opkg update or upgrade :

rm /etc/opkg/om-gta02-d*
echo "src/gz daily-neo1973 http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily-feed/neo1973"
> /etc/opkg/neo*
echo "src/gz daily-armv4t http://buildhost.openmoko.org/daily-feed/armv4t" >
opkg install

Now run opkg update, followed by opkg upgrade. Reboot your Freerunner and so
long as you boot into the ASU you should be able to use the keyboard in
Qtopia apps

If you are going to be installing GTK apps, such as "opkg install
openmoko-terminal2" you will want to be able to use the keyboard, either you
can have the keyboard automatically popup by installing
matchbox-keyboard-im*.ipk, or you can install a theme with the qwerty

To have the keyboard automagically popup

cd /tmp
mkdir matchbox-keyboard
cd matchbox-keyboard
wget http://www.ginguppin.de/files/keyboard-ipk.tar.bz2
tar -jxf keyboard-ipk.tar.bz2
opkg install matchbox-keyboard-im*.ipk
cd ..
rm -rf matchbox-keyboard

*note* it will extract 3 files, you only need to install
matchbox-keyboard-im*.ipk The other packages may completely replace the
keyboard... and perhaps break some things...

To Install a theme with the Qwerty button follow instructions and download


This site also has replacement icons, you will need to edit
/usr/share/applications/*.desktop files to change them.

For basic black theme with qwerty try 


I believe that is all i can pull together on ASU right now. I have no
guarantee that these instructions will work and do not hold me responsible
if you brick your Freerunner.

Paul Buede wrote:
> Hey, I was looking at the wiki but could not find something that laid
> the steps out for me.
> I have been messing with the default image, and have it upgraded as of
> yesterday.  I want to check out the ASU image.  Whats the best way to do
> that?  I don't have anything in the phone yet that I want to save, so I
> don't mind wiping it out and reloading later.  Please give me the steps,
> or a link to the steps, to get the ASU image loading on the phone.
> Thanks
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