Openmoko on Design

Stroller stroller at
Tue Jul 29 12:20:29 CEST 2008

On 29 Jul 2008, at 09:23, Marcus Bauer wrote:
> ...
> Openmoko should concentrate on kernel and driver work, power  
> management
> and working hardware and a basic set of apps. ...


As Openmoko push more open hardware out the door, people will come  
running to do cool stuff on it.

It's the "blue sky" talk of "evoking innovation", "actualizing  
contributions" and "imagination resources" that is building  
excitement about Openmoko and leading to disappointment.

Honestly, if Openmoko said "the Freerunner is a free, open, Linux- 
based mobile phone that runs Trolltech's good old Qtopia phone  
software" then people would still be queuing up to buy it.

"oh, and by the way we're also developing some software of our own  
and you can try the open alpha if you want to" would be better than  
this "building the future" sort of stuff - although the latter phrase  
strictly indicates "it's not ready yet", it's far more evocative and  
emotional. We think we see our dreams *today* - no wonder people are  
peeved when they're dashed.


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