compiling on the freerunner ( coreutils / git )

Benedikt Schindler BeniSchindler at
Tue Jul 29 13:28:47 CEST 2008


i am trying to get a low level compiling enviroment onto the freerunner.
my problem is, i don't have access to a cross compiling enviroment in 
the next
3 weeks. so i have to compile everthing directly on the freerunner.
I know, it's a bit slow  :) .

To make the starting easyer i would like to know, if there is a package 
for the coreutils and the git
somewhere out there. I haven't find anything on the lists or the wiki 
yet. When i try to
compile my coreutils(6.9) on my own, i get a
"utimens.h:2: error: conflicting types for 'futimens'
///usr/include/sys/stat.h:370: error: previous declaration of 'futimens' 
was here  "

i already have patched it with  the "coreutils-glibc2.6.patch"

In the bug tracker it sayed, that the patch is for all coreutil 
versions. isn't that right and do i have to
go down to coreutils 5.3 ? But before i restart with all this.... does 
someone have a precompiled version
of the coreutils for me? .... or even better also a package with git?

btw :  i am using a ASU image, and "opkg list" doesn't come up with 
"git" or "coreutils".


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