WIKI still a POS

Luke Scharf luke.scharf at
Tue Jul 29 16:48:32 CEST 2008

Steven ** wrote:
> A phone that NEEDS documentation is a POS.
> In my mind, the Neo won't be ready for end-users unless I can give it
> to one of my co-workers and they can figure almost everything out
> without documentation.

Then your co-workers should get iPhones!  I thought OpenMoko was for
those of us who would embrace a machine with a learning-curve for extra
capability.  Probably the same crowd who uses Linux on the desktop.

Kind of like the decision process that one goes through when choosing
between, say, Linux and. Mac OS X for a particular user's desktop in a
particular work-environment.  Exactly like that, actually.


P.S.  I've been using Linux on my desktop nonstop since about 1998 and,
despite all of the (and my), winging on listservs and on Slashdot, only
two things have changed:

    * All of the platforms have gotten better.  Much better.
    * The interoperability between platforms has gotten better. 
      Provided that you can influence the choices that the server and
      the client make, anyway.  (You might have to choose Zimbra over
      Exchange, for instance.)

With the interoperability being so much improved, there's really no
reason to evangelize platforms anymore -- at least if your server-admins
will play ball and choose applications/protocols that are widely
supported.  So, just use what you like and let your co-workers do the
same.  If everyone talks the same protocols, there's no reason for any
platform or application to be all things to all people -- the
compromises required to do that is one of the reasons I rarely choose
Microsoft products for my own use.  Just make it good -- and don't worry
about the rest.

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