mark a missed call as seen

Al Johnson openmoko at
Tue Jul 29 17:27:37 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 29 July 2008, reaper527 wrote:
> is there any way to mark a missed call as seen?
> for example on my old phone, if i got a missed call, i would get
> notification on the main screen, and then hitting a button would take me to
> the list of missed calls, and the phone would acknowledge i looked at the
> calls, and it would stop counting those towards totals for the next missed
> call.
> with the freerunner, if i get a missed call, it goes into the call log as
> missed, and then keeps adding on to that count. if i miss 2 calls, click
> the "you missed 2 calls" thing, and then later miss 1 call, it will say i
> missed 3 calls at that point instead of saying i missed 1. the only work
> around i have been able to find is to manually delete all my missed calls,
> which isn't ideal.
> anything obvious i've overlooked?

I've seen the same thing, and deleting the missed calls is the only thing 
that's worked for me. I should have checked for bug reports I suppose, or 
better yet dug out the source and patched it.

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