Anyone have a Bluetooth mouse ?

Yogiz yogizz at
Sun Jul 27 07:55:22 CEST 2008

> >> > sudo /usr/sbin/hcidump -X > test_mouse
> >> > Can't open device: No such device
> >> You should probably use the device file there, such
> >> as /dev/input/mouse or whatever. I'd dump it myself, but my MoGo
> >> mouse doesn't have a scrolling wheel.
> >
> >
> > It can't open the bluetooth device, probably your bluetooth device
> > isn't hci0.
> > Check with  "hciconfig" your device (hci0, hci1...) and then try
> > with the command "sudo hcidump -i device_hcixx -X > test_mouse"
> >

I was wrong before, you don't have to use the device file but indeed
the bluetooth device name (hci0 in my case). I don't have a scrolling
wheel but I'll just document what I did, so someone who has can help
you out. I pressed the connect button on the mouse and did a

#hcitool scan

got the MAC address of the mouse and connected with

#hidd -connect=$MAC

Then I installed the latest hcidump and did

#hcidump -i hci0 -X > test_mouse

moved the mouse around a little and got the attached result.

Someone try it with a scrolling wheel then.

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