GPS application (was: Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld)

rakshat hooja rakshat at
Tue Jul 29 18:19:32 CEST 2008

> Please see Daniel Willmann's announcement for more details.
> Cheers,
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Thanks for the reply and my apologies if I mis-understood something/ got the
facts wrong . I will wait for Daniel Willmann's announcement.

@Marcus -  My main job is to sell the Neo ( I work for a distributor) and
tangoGPS is the application that impresses my clients (and me) the most
(even though we hardly have OSM data for India!). I would love to see it
continue to be developed. (Offline maps is something that people have asked
me about also. If you have some suggestions about making that possible using
OSM data and I am sure you will find a lot of community support to make that

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