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  Michele your comment made my day and I read hundreds of emails per day 

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Jay Vaughan wrote:
> I'm glad OpenMoko has as many rabid fanboix as other projects, it 
> means there is hope yet ..

Usually I am not too much disposed to moderation in a ML, but now I am
started to think:

In these two days you wrote around 15 email (it is only stimated). Every
email was enought long, to explain why Openmoko suck.

I think this require some hours hour man-time (let suppose 3-4 h)

In 3-4 hours a person can do:

	To learn a bit how to write an little application for Freerunner
	(To start you need around 2-3 hour of intensive study, if you
	 have experience in programming)

	To check 10 pages of the Wiki updating old information

	Start to know of to make a theme for Openmoko

	Go out buy a postcard and to send it to Openmoko team that will be
happy that someone is thinking to them

I am no one to tell to you how to use your time, but I personally thing that
continuing to use your time to repeat how many stupid things Openmoko do,
and complaining how many fanboy there are, is not the best way to help this
project. Then do you what do you think is better!

All this in my personal opinion!

Michele Renda
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