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Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 21:00:33 CEST 2008

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Cristopher, let me to understand why you are so in angry.

Like you I sent my 350 Eur postcard (= 2 month of my house rent) for a
phone that I was knowing was not software complete (and some possible
hardware bug).

OM wrote very well on the homepage that is not a end user product. They
wrote very well. I bought my phone knowing that it will show me "things
we human can't neither to image (and not in the good sense)"

I think we was knowing very well what it mean.

Then OM give it the possibility to follow from the alpha version the
next software framework. It is like the first version of KDE4: all was
knowing that was a realy big revolution, and it need time.

Then now we can choose: we can use the 2007 gtk version or the new
version. Is our freedom. Why we must to be in angry if we have the choose?

Some people worked and bring us the possibility to install Debian + XFCE
(I was not beliving to my eyes). If you want the GTK version use and
maintain it.

Openmoko never said that will do that will make impossible to install
the gtk version. If you use it, and you maintain it, it will become
better and will take the place of ASU.

But please, is not the situation to complain if you install the aplha
version and it is not running stable.

You must to take Openmoko as a piece of "free" hardware. Install then
what you want, and be happy.

About Jay, I apologize if I attached personally it, but he was attaching
a lot of person of this ML, and it was not too much nice.

Now I wish you a very nice day, and happy programming ( or experimenting).

PS. If you want to enjoy with programming, try to see something about
python and pygtk. It gave me some satisfactions with only a few of hours
of work. May be it can be surprice you.

Michele Renda

Christopher White wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 16:02 +0200, Michele Renda wrote:
>> I think this require some hours hour man-time (let suppose 3-4 h)
> I'll agree that responding as Jay has takes considerable time, but I
> disagree with what a person can do.
>> In 3-4 hours a person can do:
>> 	To learn a bit how to write an little application for Freerunner
>> 	(To start you need around 2-3 hour of intensive study, if you
>> 	 have experience in programming)
> I've been poking at FR for probably a good 20hrs now.  Flash,
> reflashing, playing, poking, looking for logs, looking for hooks. 
> And I still haven't started programming yet (yes, i have embedded linux
> experience).
> I spent an hour *just* trying to figure out why exposure was not
> starting up.  In the end, I could not and just gave up.
>> 	To check 10 pages of the Wiki updating old information
> Ok, that assumes I have something to contribute.  After 20 hrs on my FR,
> and countless hours over the last year reading the list, I do not feel
> very confident in *any* of my methods yet to start sharing them with
> others.  
>> 	Start to know of to make a theme for Openmoko
> Yikes, I wouldn't even know where to start if I wanted to do that.
>> 	Go out buy a postcard and to send it to Openmoko team that will be
>> happy that someone is thinking to them
> Well...that's some blue sky thinking for you!  Tell you what I did do,
> though...I sent them a virtual postcard with $369 attached ;-)
> I vent now because I'm frustrated.  My wheels are spinning in the mud.
> I have some great ideas but and can't seem to get traction in the
> product.  That's why you hear so much on this topic.  Jay already has 3
> projects *underway* -- he has clearly invested a lot more time
> implementing for the phone than he has emailing about it.
> This is the 3rd time I've started a message on this thread.  It always
> gets to the point where I want to make concrete suggestions on how to
> improve.  That's where it gets messy.  I'm too lost in finding the right
> set of magic commands to fix the problem of the day to figure out what
> would make it better...
> More than anything, my suggestion to the OpenMoko team -- get things
> *stable*.  Stop all new development until you get it stable.  The build
> process, basic menuing, core documentation.  I still have the window
> manager crash on me periodically ...stuck with a brick until I can ssh
> in and restart X.
> Until it gets stable, adding more features or more apps is just adding
> fuel to the fire.
> ...cj
>> I am no one to tell to you how to use your time, but I personally thing
>> that continuing to use your time to repeat how many stupid things
>> Openmoko do, and complaining how many fanboy there are, is not the best
>> way to help this project. Then do you what do you think is better!
>> All this in my personal opinion!
>> Michele Renda
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