Openmoko on Design

Marek Lindner marek at
Tue Jul 29 21:17:38 CEST 2008

On Tuesday, 29. July 2008 20:17:00 Chris Wright wrote:
> But you do have a design team, according to Rasterman.

Of course we have. How do you think we are trying to get to a device that is 
ready for end user ? And this is just the beginning. We will work with more 
designers for the UI, the housing, etc to continue the direction towards the 
mass market.
But that does not mean all that is perfect right from the beginning or that we 
don't listen to constructive criticism. Please help us making it better by 
_demonstrating_ a superior solution not by sending more emails.

> Out of curiosity, how many of these developers use an Openmoko phone
> as their primary phone?

What do you mean with "these" developers ? Everybody certainly has a different 
opinion than others on something. 

> Do these differences of opinion tend to fall on the same boundaries?

I don't get what you trying to say here.

> Still, nobody has mentioned why the design team can't be contacted or
> identified.

Sorry but this is just not true. I don't get why you follow this childish 
witch-hunt game.

> Strange, I read this as "Openmoko has not been, but should in the
> future, trust those members...."
> I haven't been here long enough to determine which is the case. Maybe
> the company hasn't, either.

Meant was: Openmoko pays much more attention to installable solutions and 
listens to hackers that provide those instead to people that complain all day 
long but don't get their hands dirty.


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