Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld (fwd)

lpotter lpotter at
Tue Jul 29 22:39:53 CEST 2008

Marcus Bauer writes:

> FSO is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Lauer, fresh from the university's
> ivory tower but lacking any industry experience. 

I may not agree with using python on a phone, but Michael has quite a lot of 
"industry" experience, I first got to know him was back in the days of Opie 
Zaurus/iPaq. He is not just a run-of-the-mill part time open source 
developer. He is quite a gifted engineer. and I beg to differ that 
Uni experience does not count as 'industry'. Research is at the core of 
industry and Uni's do quite a bit of needed research. What FSO is trying to 
do is to provide a common area between device and gui.

> It is reinventing the
> wheel and drains lots of ressources that are needed elsewhere inside of
> Openmoko. It combines plenty of things out of which one is a new PIM API
> based on dbus. This idea alone is worth to be mentioned every day for a
> year on the dailyWTF website.

We could also say that Linux, Gnome or hundreds of other projects are trying 
to "reinvent the wheel". Reinvention is key to not becoming stale or 

> ...have fun and enjoy life and start looking at the Neo what it is: a
> tiny Linux computer with a GPS and a GSM modem. There is no sudden
> revolution going to happen tomorrow.

As is every other gps phone out there.

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