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Chris Wright dhasenan at
Tue Jul 29 22:57:27 CEST 2008

2008/7/29 Marek Lindner <marek at>:
> On Tuesday, 29. July 2008 20:17:00 Chris Wright wrote:
>> But you do have a design team, according to Rasterman.
> Of course we have. How do you think we are trying to get to a device that is
> ready for end user ? And this is just the beginning. We will work with more
> designers for the UI, the housing, etc to continue the direction towards the
> mass market.
> But that does not mean all that is perfect right from the beginning or that we
> don't listen to constructive criticism. Please help us making it better by
> _demonstrating_ a superior solution not by sending more emails.

Where I work, the design team is the same as the development team.

>> Out of curiosity, how many of these developers use an Openmoko phone
>> as their primary phone?
> What do you mean with "these" developers ? Everybody certainly has a different
> opinion than others on something.

Then it's vacuous to say so.

>> Do these differences of opinion tend to fall on the same boundaries?
> I don't get what you trying to say here.

Something as simple as a keyboard button -- well, users were
complaining about its lack very quickly. If the design team were also
users, then they would have insisted that the error be fixed.

>> Still, nobody has mentioned why the design team can't be contacted or
>> identified.
> Sorry but this is just not true. I don't get why you follow this childish
> witch-hunt game.

Because you were responding to this quote:
> This also seemed to reveal something about the internals of
> Openmoko that weren't expected: development decisions are not entirely
> made by the developers, but instead they answer to some people who the
> community cannot readily identify and who the community doesn't know how
> to interact with or if they even can interact with these decision-makers.

And your response was in no way related. I was merely pointing that out.

>> Strange, I read this as "Openmoko has not been, but should in the
>> future, trust those members...."
>> I haven't been here long enough to determine which is the case. Maybe
>> the company hasn't, either.
> Meant was: Openmoko pays much more attention to installable solutions and
> listens to hackers that provide those instead to people that complain all day
> long but don't get their hands dirty.


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