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Wed Jul 30 02:53:13 CEST 2008

Hi Yaroslav and all the good contributors to Freerunner, 

I got a short answer on your second question :)

On Tuesday 29. July 2008, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

> another question (sorry if I missed answer in some of the threads) -- I
> wonder if you are the only person dedicated by Trolltech (or Nokia) to
> work on qtopia for openmoko? 

Holger Freyther was working on supporting Qtopia on OpenEmbedded paid by 
Trolltech for almost half a year, also benefiting the Freerunner effort. 
He is now contributing through OpenMoko, and I think he's doing a good 
job. We will increase our effort supporting free software. That will be 
expressed in actions instead of words. 

I'm planning to invite some of the heavy contributors using Qt in 
Freerunner to a round table session in Brisbane Australia. There are 
several things on the agenda, but it boils down to what Trolltech can 
improve. The only reason I as a community manger has not been faster, is 
all the work with the Nokia acquisition planning. When you include my 
usual travelling to free software events, there has been no time left to 
cover more bases. 

> It is just interesting ;-) also it would 
> be great if you could summarize in few words (if you feel like it) what
> are the future directions you and your team are going to accomplish for
> qtopia on FR? would be there a 'long term support' of any kind for
> qtopia on FR?

Trolltech will further develop, improve and enhance Qtopia. When it comes 
to Freerunner, they are in charge for their plans and actions regarding 
software development.  Of course there are cooperation with Trolltech 
engineering, community and some marketing activeties. And we are working 
on improvements there too.  

Personally I'm a fan of the Freerunner effort. When I got the opportunity, 
I've sponsored travels and accommodations for persons who present what 
can be done with Freerunner and Open Source on phones. Ole Tange was one 
of the speakers[1] at Open Nordic Mobile in June. He did a really good 
presentation of the Freerunner project and opportunities with free 
software on phones. 


We have shown the prover of Qtopia with Neo 1973 since Open Source in 
Mobile September 2007. We also got a demo called Qt Everywhere with a 
touch screen program launcher using PictureFlow[2]. We are running that 
on Neo at all our trade shows and some of the free software events: 


Several people are working on the program for Mobile Developer Days 2008 
(MDD) in Berlin 10-14 September (the conference will be from Sept 10-12, 
the weekend Sept 12-14 will be a code camp). Last year a couple of 
OpenEmbedded/Freerunner developers participated at MDD in Denmark. We 
hope that more can join this year in Berlin. I know more people will join 
from Nokia this year. 


This was maybe not a short answer, but it shows that we are committed and 
really pleased with the progress of Freerunner and the use of Qtopia. The 
question now is when and how to organise our round table trip to 
Australia :)

Best regards

Knut Yrvin
Community Manager / Qt and Qtopia
Trolltech, a Nokia Company
cell: + 47 934 79 561, phone: +47 21 60 27 58

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