GSM detection/identification

Scott scott at
Wed Jul 30 04:36:52 CEST 2008


I inexperience the same behavior on the AT&T(850 & 1900) network. When 
the signal drops below a certain level on the left is says 
registering.... on the right the signal icon indicates some bogus value..

I think there is an update issue with the icon, and the message for no 
service, "registering.." doesn't make a lot of sense either.  If you 
bring up the gsm/status dialog sometimes it will provide a saner reason 
for no connection, but then sometimes its message is bogus to..


ian douglas wrote:
> Paul Buede wrote:
>> the coverage isn't great in the rural areas I find myself.  When driving
>> around, if out of reach of tmobile, it will say "registering" as if
>> there is no sim card.  But, on the little image of the antenna, that
>> shows how strong my connection is, I still have 2 bars.  Is that a bad
>> guage of connectivity?
> As far as I recall, TMobile only uses the higher-frequency band, (1800
> or 1900? I can never remember), and probably won't drop down to the
> 850MHz band unless they've signed an agreement with AT&T to piggyback on
> their lower-frequency network in the rural areas where you've been.
> -id

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