[openmoko-announce] Openmoko on Design

Christopher White chris at grierwhite.com
Wed Jul 30 04:37:20 CEST 2008

Hi Michele,

> Cristopher, let me to understand why you are so in angry.

Forgive me if I came across as very angry.  I actually am not.  I am
frustrated, but I do not find fault with anyone in this regard.

> Like you I sent my 350 Eur postcard (= 2 month of my house rent) for a
> phone that I was knowing was not software complete (and some possible
> hardware bug).
> OM wrote very well on the homepage that is not a end user product. They
> wrote very well. I bought my phone knowing that it will show me "things
> we human can't neither to image (and not in the good sense)"

You are absolutely correct.  I fully understood what I was getting into,
as I think most people on this list did.  By no means did I expect an
end user product.

> Then now we can choose: we can use the 2007 gtk version or the new
> version. Is our freedom. Why we must to be in angry if we have the choose?

You are correct that it was my choice to join the club.  Let me expand
on my frustration.  I think it is first and foremost a matter of clear
channels of communication.

My frustration comes off as anger because I just can't seem to figure
out where to go at times.  I know I signed up for a tough road, and I am
not afraid to rollup my sleeves and strace a process to see why it's

But it's **sloooww** to come up to speed.  It's practically a vertical
learning curve.

I'm sharing this with the folks at OpenMoko because *they* have the most
experience with this device, if anything because it's been in their
hands for a *lot* longer.  Their wisdom is golden.  Right now, it comes
out in bits and pieces on the wiki and in email.  Finding the answers is

Please don't take this as severe criticism.  Instead understand that I'd
like to try and influence the immediate direction of the folks at
OpenMoko to work on helping the masses of developers like me and Jay and
others that want to dive in, but we're severely hindered by the current
state, which may require pulling people of projects temporarily.  It's
like sacrificing a little time on ASU goals to get the rest of us up to
speed.  In the long run, that will be a much bigger pay off.

> Openmoko never said that will do that will make impossible to install
> the gtk version. If you use it, and you maintain it, it will become
> better and will take the place of ASU.

Forgive me...which is the GTK version?  Are you speaking of FSO, or
2007.2, or some new version?  It sounds very appealing.

> But please, is not the situation to complain if you install the aplha
> version and it is not running stable.

I have tried very hard to voice my complaint along *with* a suggestion.
I held my tongue for a while on this topic because I don't want to be
"yet another whiner".  But there often a grain of wisdom to the masses,
thus I felt it necessary to validate some of the complaints of others.

> You must to take Openmoko as a piece of "free" hardware. Install then
> what you want, and be happy.

I am very excited about it....just ready to kick off the mud already ;-)

> Now I wish you a very nice day, and happy programming ( or experimenting).

Thank you Michele, forgive me if I sounded harsh.  I am a satisfied, if
temporarily frustrated, customer.


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