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John Lee john_lee at
Wed Jul 30 05:38:07 CEST 2008

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 01:47:29AM +0100, Al Johnson wrote:
> I'll snip most of it to keep the length reasonable.

same here :)

> On Tuesday 29 July 2008, William Lai wrote:
> >
> > It already is.
> > We've offered a couple of different solutions to community requests that
> > were declined by, well, engineering.  One of them was:
> >
> > * create a package to be installed through installer adding manual
> > qwerty button to illume theme.
> The only suggestion I remember was that the community fork illume. Is this a 
> different take on the same suggestion, or a different suggestion? What was 
> the other option? And what was the objection to providing it as a 
> configuration option with the default being off, as proposed on this list?

What we are trying to do:

provide a OM repository and a community repository.  in this
particular case, if in the end the illume still shipped without kbd
button, then the community will very likely provide another version of
illume called illume-kbd in the community repository.  thus you can
replace the shipped illume with illume-kbd, and the next upgrade will
get the new version of illume-kbd instead of illume, so you don't need
to change it again after upgrade.

Where we are right at the moment:

illume is there.

the community repository is not ready yet but we're working on it.

the dependency handling of replacing the shipped illume with
illume-kbd is not ready yet but we're working on it.

My personal comment on this:

if the illume is so much more popular then illume-kdb (theoretically
we can know that from the repository log) or the other way around then
you bet that fact will be very effective in OM.  ;)


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