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Wed Jul 30 10:07:59 CEST 2008

I will not reply to comments like these in detail. You would not understand.


Marcus Bauer wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-07-30 at 13:37 +0800, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
>> On 7/29/08 Marcus Bauer wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 15:33 -0700, steve wrote:
>>>>> Of course!!! Every toolkit  is allowed.
>>>>> The whole point about FSO is to free people to pick their toolkit!
>>> The opposite is true. FSO forces you into ASU. It basically makes all
>>> work that has been put into OM2007.2 useless.
>>> Please stop telling these lies.
>> Marcus
>> You do realize who you are talking to?
> This is a childish question.
>> This is person in charge of all 
>> of marketing for Openmoko. If he says, "the point of something is..." 
>> you should understand that he speaks for Openmoko. 
> If he would be the pope, then I would understand that he speaks for the
> catholic church and when he says "the point of something is..." I would
> know he is infallible by definition.
> But if the marketing guy (not sales guy as he pointed out) makes wrong
> technical statements I have enough authority to correct them. (Simply go
> over to Wikipedia and check for the word meritocracy and its connection
> to open source.)
> And I allow myself to counter your question: Do you realize who *you*
> are talking to? 
> I am part of your community and I have spent at least four full time
> months of development for YOUR system. And opposed to you I am not paid.
> If there is someone who should pay respect, how about you paying respect
> to me?
>> You can say what you 
>> want about his ideas. But you have no basis whatsoever to say he's lieing.
> FSO has nothing to do with "freeing people to pick their toolkit".
> OM2007.2 offers the phonekit and eds (evolution data server). 
> Both already allow for dbus abstraction and this whole argument is
> stale. OpenedHand (the authors of OM2007.2) knew what they were doing:
>         "OpenedHand is, IMHO, the most talented open source company in
>         the world."
> Those are your very own words Sean, picked from your website.
>> So some respect.
> I don't get your point here, Sean. Church-like respect is not what gets
> things done. Having dreams is great, but then comes the point where you
> need to wake up and deliver.
> OM2007.2 is there, just lets use and refine it. 
> The Neo Freerunner is there, just lets use and refine it. 
> Since November 2006 we hear: "just a few more months".
> There is no reason to wait for FSO and seeing how chaotic development
> has been the past one and a half years I rather doubt that this will
> ever be anything usable. It is a lot more important to get a community
> of developers in here and a community of VAR (value added resellers).
> And it is a lot more important to build up an ecosystem.
> FSO is a questionable approach made by people with no industry
> experience, fresh from university. I have to repeat that I would
> strongly advise any third party developer to stay away from it.
> Revive OM2007.2, spend time, energy and money for building an ecosystem
> and get something out that others can build on. *Now*. Not in winter
> 2008 which then will be probaly summer 2009. Let your pet projects
> FSO/ASU run in parallel and once they are there, the world will be
> happy.
> Do it like the ASUS eeePC. They didn't set out to change the world and
> to compete with the MacBook Air. They have a rudimentary Linux System on
> it and people love it. Many people even go on with the simple interface
> while others reinstall their favourite system.
> And yet ASUS started a revolution. Not because they follow their own
> vision, but because they let people dream their own dreams.
> Sean, on the one hand you talk about empty vessels and museums, on the
> other hand fail to realize that it is already there. OM2007.2. Created
> by the most talented open source company.
> Staying in your metaphor of vessels I want to tell you: it is difficult
> to set it on the water and let it go. Don't make the mistake and let it
> sit on the dry until it is rotten. It is a venture to get out of your
> dreams and into the real world.
> Just lets do it.
> --
> As the Steve (the person without a last name, who is in charge of the
> global marketing) has nice book suggestions, I recommend "The
> Masterpiece" of Emile Zola. It is about a painter (who bears
> biographical similarities with Paul Cezanne) who tries to paint his
> masterpiece and never comes to finish it. 
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