Warranty after fix for GTA02 GPS rework for SD card interference issue

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Wed Jul 30 10:24:14 CEST 2008

> (We have external LNA)  It means it can track with a 16dBm reduction  
> in
> GPS signal after it made the satellite acquisitions.  So if you
> understood it will get a fix OK with the software workaround, and we  
> saw
> many people report this, you should expect the tracking phase to work
> better than the acquisition phase since the signal requirement is
> relaxed by 16dBm.

My experience has proven that this is not the case; yes the fix  
happens sooner, but if SD I/O occurs during tracking phase, wild  
errors are still introduced into the GPS signal sufficient to drive us  
off the map.

Just sayin', not trying to stir the pot.  I've been testing this GPS  
fix every day since it arrived, by tracking my progress to work, and  
if I zoom too closely (meaning there is more SD I/O on map refreshes)  
the GPS goes wild.

> That'll be interesting.  But in the real world many thing perturb GPS
> tracking and sophisticated software filters are anyway used to try to
> see through excursions, I guess this will be the case for typical SD
> Card usage pattern here.

My ride to and from work is through a wide open space with no  
obstructions, lots of blue sky, and for sure .. SD I/O still massively  
impacts GPS *accuracy*.  Not just in the acquisition phase, but also  
tracking ..

Jay Vaughan

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