ppp support not in the kernel?

Benedikt Schindler BeniSchindler at gmx.de
Wed Jul 30 10:28:02 CEST 2008


i am trying to start a internet connection on the Freerunner over GPRS.
for the start i looked into this page:


and i'm aware that this pages are not ASU or Freerunner related.
i have managed to get the free GSM line.
if i try to start a connection via pppd i got this message:

"pppd: This system lacks kernel support for PPP.  This could be because
the PPP kernel module could not be loaded, or because PPP was not
included in the kernel configuration."

isn't that build in? alle the opkg "kernel-module-ppp-*" are installed.
but there is no "kernel-module-ppp" ?
what could i do?


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