What will the GTA03 have? and other quick questions...

Aaron Sowry aaron at aeneby.com
Wed Jul 30 10:58:17 CEST 2008

Monkey D. Luffy wrote:
> There were some threads about this... and I spent about an hour
> reading them... but still don't know nothing for sure.
> All I hear is maybes :(
> This is more or less my wish list... So what will be in?
My hardware wish list after owning the GTA02v5 for a week or so now:

- A fast, dedicated graphic bus
- GPS/uSD interference problem fixed
- A case WITHOUT BEVELS for the touchscreen. Despite what the iPhone 
fanboys have been saying, I actually like the idea of a resistive touch 
screen rather than capacitive, as it allows you to use a stylus. This 
means you can maximise screen real-estate by having smaller icons etc. 
if you wish, but still use your finger if you prefer smudgy screens ;). 
Also, I am loving the Qtopia handwriting recognition which I couldn't 
imagine using without a stylus!
- HW echo/GSM interference canceling, unless this can be addressed 
sufficiently in software
- As you say, a place to store a small stylus. The main benefit (besides 
cost) of using a resistive touch screen is the ability to use a stylus - 
it should be assumed that people will be using one.
- Longer battery life.


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