Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld

Alex Kavanagh alex at
Wed Jul 30 10:56:05 CEST 2008

Marcus Bauer wrote, On 30/07/08 08:32:

> But if the marketing guy (not sales guy as he pointed out) makes wrong
> technical statements I have enough authority to correct them. (Simply go
> over to Wikipedia and check for the word meritocracy and its connection
> to open source.)
"Authority" - interesting use of the word.  By whose 'authority' do you
get to call someone a liar?  (Regardless of whether you think it is
true).  I have no 'authority' to email to this list - I just have the
freedom to, because this is an open list.  Of course, you have the
freedom to call somebody a liar, although it might be libel if it turns
out not to be true.
> And I allow myself to counter your question: Do you realize who *you*
> are talking to? 
Does this really matter?
> I am part of your community and I have spent at least four full time
> months of development for YOUR system. And opposed to you I am not paid.
A choice you made, probably because you thought it would be cool to have
TangoGPS on the OpenMoko.  It *is* cool by the way; great app.

[snip other stuff]
> OM2007.2 is there, just lets use and refine it. 
> The Neo Freerunner is there, just lets use and refine it. 
> Since November 2006 we hear: "just a few more months".
> There is no reason to wait for FSO and seeing how chaotic development
> has been the past one and a half years I rather doubt that this will
> ever be anything usable. It is a lot more important to get a community
> of developers in here and a community of VAR (value added resellers).
> And it is a lot more important to build up an ecosystem.
> FSO is a questionable approach made by people with no industry
> experience, fresh from university. I have to repeat that I would
> strongly advise any third party developer to stay away from it.
Why is it a questionable approach?  Because it isn't GMAE?  Because it
doesn't use e-d-s?

The statement 'people with no industry experience, fresh from
university'?  Why do you feel that is important?  Attack ASU/FSO not the
messengers who bring it.  Saying something is a bad idea because of
'who' someone is, or what (you believe) their experience is, is a poor
argument.  Attack the ideas not the person.  Fundamentally, what is
wrong with the ASU/FSO approach as an idea or implementation?

So, why not ASU/FSO?  I know that they use qtopia apps against GMAE
ones.  And it removes e-d-s from the picture to replace it by PIM.

Looking at the FSO stack at is similar
to the GMAE one at: except for the explicit
d-bus separation layer and the four GUI toolkits in which to write apps.

In fact the key difference (on the surface) seems to be that you can
write in four different toolkits on FSO (whenever it appears - and that
could be the problem.)  I'm not at all clear on what the ASU software
stack looks like.  The GMAE stack looks like you can write GTK+ apps on
it.  How would qtopia or EFL apps be supported?


PS I have no authority to question you.  Just the freedom to.  Feel free
to ignore me.

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