openphone + opensettopbox = ?

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Wed Jul 30 11:36:53 CEST 2008

On 29 Jul 2008, at 23:57, JW wrote:

> ok someone cleverer than me will do something cool with this and their
> freerunner at some point....
> platform-puts-linux-in-living-rooms.html

As I read it, the Neuros hardware isn't that good. It'll only record  
standard-definition stuff from composite input, which altogether is  
about the least-optimal scenario for quality of video input. It'd  
probably be fine as a simple way to recording a VHS to a digital file  
to play on your iPod or PSP; this "analogue hole" overcomes the legal  
issues of DCSS when ripping a DVD, but that's about the only benefit  
(and a nebulous one, IMO). I guess it's simple for your granny to use.

As I read it, the Neuros hardware requires a set-top box for  
recording TV, again with these concerns over video quality. It looks  
like Neuros may be concentrating on doing things this way because  
they're chiefly interested in this TI DSP chip, but for the rest of  
us there are lots of "proper" set-top boxes and digital video recorders.

If you want an *open* set-top box that'll actually directly record  
digital TV then MythTV is much more interesting. You can find plenty  
of small, quiet PCs that are just as good as Neros' cute little box  
for living room use, and with MythTV you can record hi-def.

There are lots of ways you could "converge" Openmoko and MythTV.

Already you can connect to a webserver on your Myth box and schedule  
a recording (say if you're in the pub and your friend tells you "I'm  
videoing the first episode of this series which starts tonight - it  
looks cool"). Last time I checked (6 months ago?) progress was well  
underway for flash-based (YouTube-style) playback of your recorded  
shows; I think this is the best way for watching recorded video when  
you're away from home.

At this time of the morning my imagination isn't yet ramped up to  
full speed, but for doing cool stuff with TV & your cellphone I think  
MythTV is a batter partner to Openmoko.


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