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Wed Jul 30 11:57:27 CEST 2008

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Marcus Bauer wrote:
>       * I have spent considerable amounts of time, doing unpaid
>         development for Openmoko - namely tangoGPS.

This give you a lot of honor, and if until now I avoid to reply to you
was also for this fact.

>       * I feel that the cooperation between Openmoko and its developer
>         community can be vastly improved, based on the above experience
>       * in the french 'silicon valley' (Sophia Antipolis) with 30.000
>         employees and 1.300 companies there is a similar sentiment

You can not to speack also for around 30.000 persons.

> If you think everything is perfect and I just don't and wont understand,
> so be it.

Marcus the problem is this: Every person can have own ideas. I have
mine, you yours, openmoko their, etc etc.
When the ideas are different is important how to discuss about it.
Freerunner is nice because every person can apply his idea trasforming
it to code.

What you did, ultil now was only to make polemics about decision token
by openmoko, and to say they are liers. And this did me sad, because I
am sure you are a very good developer and you can trasform all you ideas
in wonderful code.

Making a lot of polemics, will trasform us in politician, not in
developer. So, if you feel, make your idea code, but please let Openmoko
free to follow their.

Have you a nice day

- - Michele Renda
- -- developer of nothing

> Have a nice day anyway, and hopefully many many Neos will be produced
>   - Marcus Bauer
>   -- developer of tangoGPS
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