Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld

Alex Kavanagh alex at
Wed Jul 30 12:33:23 CEST 2008

David Pottage wrote, On 30/07/08 11:07:
> None of us expected an iPhone like polished and fully integrated
> software stack, but we did expect a developer friendly platform with
> some basic functionality that would mostly work.
Strangely enough, I didn't.  Not having read the mailing list, looked at
the wiki.  I expected a h/w platform that mostly worked and software
that basically didn't.
>  Instead the software
> distributions are forked 5 ways, and none of them work.
That *is* the main problem.
>  I am sure I am
> not the only person who is disinclined to put any effort into finding
> or fixing the many bugs because I have no idea which distributions will
> emerge from the mess.
That pretty much sums up my position.
> You hope that the community to come up with lots of useful applets and
> full applications, to run on the first open cell phone. For that to
> happen most people will be 'scratching an itch' The problem is that
> they will not chose to use an OpenMoko to scratch that itch unless they
> are carrying it with them, which won't happen until basic phone
> functionality is working, and most enthusiasts are carrying their
> OpenMoko as their personal phone.
I'm currently carrying it as my personal phone, but it will very quickly
become my secondary phone, until the basic phone stuff works.  I'll
still carry it though.
>  The Wiki and Mailing lists are
> absolutely brimming with ideas, many of which would be quick to code in
> a scripting language, but none of this will happen until the basics are
> there.
> As Marcus says, the staff a OpenMoko need to put FSO/ASU aside for a
> while at least and refocus on getting working phone functionality from
> OM2007.2 as soon as possible.
Maybe I've *completely* misunderstood something here, but I thought that
the ASU effort was to get an interim phone working asap using the qtopia
apps because they are better than the GMAE ones (is that just a
perception?).  i.e. all the work going into ASU *is* to get a functional

So my question remains:  why ASU and not OM2007 (GMAE)?


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