minimo (browser on freerunner)

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Jul 30 14:03:11 CEST 2008

On Wednesday 30 July 2008, henrikz wrote:
> arne anka wrote:
> > i just built minimo and cellwriter for the freerunner (gta02), which went
> > surprisingly well ...
> hi
> i bumped into another keyboard related issue with minimo. suddenly i
> couldnt erase nor overwrite the default URL and visit something else...
> this used to work! it seems that my (matchbox) keyboard freezes if the
> POWER CABLE is plugged in, unplugging the cable instantly solved the issue,
> just as plugging the cable back in re-freezes the keyboard. any ideas? can
> anyone else confirm this?
> //henrik

Confirmed with 2007.2 and matchbox keyboard. In minimo if the PSU cable is 
plugged in the keyboard will not enter URLs. When I first tried this with USB 
it worked, but having then connected to the PSU to verify the problem then 
switched back to USB it no longer works that way either. If I switch to the 
terminal the keyboard works as expected with  PSU or USB plugged in. Note 
that 'as expected' includes the known bug that changes some of the keyboard 
input when USB is plugged in. Curiously when minimo was working with usb 
plugged in it exhibited this problem for the first keypress, but subsequent 
key presses were correct. I noted this because t struck me as odd, but since 
it now doesn't work at all with USB I have been unable to repeat it.

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