GPS application (was: Request for help: Would like community applications to show anddiscuss at LinuxWorld)

Tilman Baumann tilman at
Wed Jul 30 16:00:16 CEST 2008

Marcus Bauer wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 16:47 +0200, Tilman Baumann wrote:
>> Well, i like tangoGPS very much. But it is hardly a comprehensive solution.
>> First it's only a tile viewer for online maps. No routing, no offline 
>> maps.
> I'm a huge Openstreetmap fan but until OSM is ready for routing this
> will take at least five more years, probably ten. 
> For all practical purposes the tile pre-caching works well. And in some
> hindsights tiles are far superior to vector data. Have a look at
> maps-for-free terrain or openpistemap terrain maps: no chance to keep
> all this data on a mobile device and no chance to generate maps on the
> fly, not even with a quad-core desktop CPU.

Navit works supprisingly well.
Very well with 'stolen/misused' Map&Route maps. And suprisingly well 
with OSM maps.
OSM germany map is only 73M. No big deal.

But i have to say, the navit build for openmoko is in bad condition. 
(easy to fix)

But you are tight, they solve quite different problems. Navit is far 
better for orientation in cities or for cycling and walking.

>> And why i (gta01 user) have to launch gllin via tangoGPS?
> Since month there is a script that lets you start gllin on the GTA01
> automatically. I haven't used this button since a long time. There was
> just on user (Bwalack) who convinced me to keep the button a bit longer.
> And he paid for the lunch ;-)

Ah, cool. Have to look for this some time.

>> gypsy - yes
>> gpsd - no (at least not as it is, maybe as compat interface)
> gpsd works well and gypsy is not network capable.

What i don't like with gpsd is that it is so inflexible. Like adding a 
second gps receiver (ok, maybe not very useful) or shutting down the gps 
device while not used.

> Simply using your
> Neo's GPS from your Laptop does not work.

I would prefer a bluetooth bridge. Then many more devices than a well 
pre configured box running gpsd can use it.

> And especially for an
> application like tangoGPS it is inherently broken: every nav-application
> wants to have the raw NMEA and not some preprocessed stuff and the
> concept to only be notified for certain events is nonsense because any
> nav-app wants to be notified about every data coming in. This concept
> just sucks CPU time.

Well, you are probably right. A gpsd compatible data stream should 
probably be available for legacy/more fancy software.

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