Which AT&T data plans are compatible?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Wed Jul 30 21:06:37 CEST 2008

> My question, and apologies for not being specific enough, was to allow
> the FR to host a website (maybe just w/ redirects or not) and/or an  
> ftp
> server.
> Being able to ssh into my phone over the public internet and or serve
> content would be phenomenal. Has anyone dug into this?

i have my freerunner connected to my local WLAN and am ssh'ing into it  
that way, instead of using the usb-ether approach, and it works very  
well.  quite fun, in fact, to have it stay in the pocket of my shirt  
and still keep hacking away from the laptop.  as long as you can get  
your freerunner on the WLAN and give it an ip address just like any  
other host, you can get into it.  as far as using it as a web server,  
for sure openembedded has lighthttp and even a pared down (or is it  
bloated, i forget?) apache too, so thats entirely feasible.

Jay Vaughan

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