Suspend / Resume

Matthew Lane malane at
Wed Jul 30 22:42:52 CEST 2008

Hey all,

I've been playing around quite a lot with 2007.2 and Qtopia.  I love the 
speed behind Qtopia, but I feel very limited by it.  Anyways,  I was 
wondering about resume & suspend.  I have read in the past there have 
been some bugs with it and it's not entirely finished, but I was 
wondering if my problems are common as I cannot find any documentation 
on suspend/resume in the wiki, and not particular answers to my 
questions in previous discussions on the mailing list.

When suspending, GSM calls DO wake the phone up, but SMS does not?  
Also, when I resume from a suspend, I cannot send/receive SMS?  Qtopia 
also seems to have this problem..once I suspend I cannot receive SMS, 
and I'm not even sure if sending works either.  Is this common?

Also, after resuming from a suspend, my FR tells me that my battery is 
almost dead.  Even if the battery was at full, and my FR only suspended 
for ~1 hr.  Is this also a common problem?


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